Moonlit Sinz
All around the City of Demons

Bio: I love to write as of late and I don't really care too much about what people think about. If you like it, then you like it. If not, oh well keep stepping cause I don't have time to think about what you might want to read. I might write a short story or I might just have random thoughts. Maybe a nice word about a kind deed or a rant about the world these days. G rated is not to be expected, though R shouldn't be too often. I have kids and enjoy a life that is not really what you would call normal. Btw, if you know what a normal life is shot me a line cause I have yet to figure that out. I do expect my kids to read this one day and I'm not gonna hide crap cause of that. I'm straight up now and I'll be straight up then to when they decide to ask all the crazy questions that parents seem to love to ty and avoid. For those who even bothered to read this nonsense more power to ya. And to those who didn't make it this far more power to ya as well. I ain't mad at ya. This really was a lot of random words to try and put together. ~nibbles and licks~ Cyaround! ^,..,^ Moon ^,..,^

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