Host and Guest

W: “I was a terrible host.”

Moon: “You said that.”

W: “You was a great guest.”

Moon: “Yes, you keep saying that.”

W: “I was a horrible host.”


Innocence & SkidRow

Walking down the street, arguing, Moon goes for a low blow and takes “ball shot” at Cross, to receive the satisfying scream of pain.

As he is gripping the tree nearest him and cuddling himself, and woman walks up, placing her hand on his shoulder and leaning closer, says with the purest of innocence and concern,

“Oh are you alright? Do you need some Motrin?”

Which brings Cross to laugh and refuse, and Moon to just bust out laughing even more.

This is Skidrow.

We loved her concern, don’t get us wrong, but again,

This is Skidrow.

Of all the pills and drug choices around, she chose Motrin.

It’s refreshing to receive pill advice from another sober person.

WOW! Auto Spell SUCKS!

Cross: hey
Moon: Hew trip you now
Cross: I’m at the L
Cross: where are you?
Moon: Bout to turn down you’re street
Cross: come to the LV enterance
Myka: I am lil
Cross: lil?
Moon: Nuthing I caint sewer what I’m round
Cross: ??what do you mean?
Moon: Lol stop making me type and walk I’m here lol
Moon: I caint see in the sun what I’m typing